Krieghoff | Event 3, Day 2 Results

Day 2 of the Krieghoff DTL Main Event is the climax of the 4 days of shooting and usual has a lot of high quality shooting. This year didn't disappoint. There were two shooters during the day who shot the perfect 100/300, Ronald Sloan (AA Class) and Ian Patterson (AA Class). Both shooters shot off after normal shooting had finished to determine Sunday's Champion. That winner was Ronald Sloan, winning after shooting 25 targets straight.

This meant it was Paul Chaplow, Saturday's Champion versus Ronald Sloan, Sunday's Champion, shooting off for the title and the grand prize of a Krieghoff K-80. Both were on fire in the shoot-off, both shooters replying with each others shot with an equally perfect shot. Both were hitting the targets so well and it was only on one drop in concentration toward the end of the 100 shoot-off targets, did Ronald make a mistake and miss a target. Paul continued with immense pressure to complete 100/300 in the shoot-off to win. A brilliant end to a brilliant 4 days of shooting.

Congratulations to Paul Chaplow, the new Champion. Plus Ronald Sloan, Runner-Up, for such a fantastic shoot-off to finish up with. Well done both!
(Ronald Sloan, Runner-Up, Left. Paul Chaplow, Champion, Right)

Krieghoff DTL

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A total of 480 entries for Event 3 shot today. A fantastic amount of entries and support for the event.

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