Krieghoff Engraving

Krieghoff Engraving | Custom Patterns

If your taste is a little more exotic or if you prefer something different, a custom engraving pattern can be arranged with one of our Master Engravers. To illustrate what we have made for individual customers.

If your interest is in an individual engraving pattern please contact us directly.
We can arrange for you to visit the Krieghoff factory to discuss your requirements with one of our Master Engravers, or, if you have something specific in mind, a sketch can be prepared for your approval.

Lincoln - Gun of the Year 2019

Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2019

Custom Celtic Pattern

Krieghoff Custom Celtic Pattern

Da Vinci - Gun of the Year 2018

Krieghoff Da Vinci

Custom Buffalo Bill

Krieghoff Buffalo Bill

Custom Game Dogs - Bonsi

Krieghoff Game Dogs

Custom Colour Case

Krieghoff Colour Case

Fantasy Dragon

Krieghoff Fantasy Dragon

Custom Monarch

Krieghoff Custom Monarch

Gun of the Year 2016

Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2016

130th Anniversary

Krieghoff Engraving

Gun of the Year 2015

Krieghoff Engraving


Krieghoff Engraving

Custom Big Game

Krieghoff Engraving

Gold San Remo

Krieghoff Engraving

Custom Grade Art Deco

Krieghoff Engraving

Diana Motif

Krieghoff Engraving

Crown Grade

Krieghoff Engraving

Peyote Grade

Krieghoff Engraving

Indian Scene

Krieghoff Engraving

Cowboy Scene

Krieghoff Engraving

Western Scene

Krieghoff Engraving

Bulino Style

Krieghoff Engraving

Super Exhibition Grade

Krieghoff Engraving

Custom Engraving

Krieghoff have master engravers who can produce stunning custom engraving work. Usually there is a waiting period on Custom Engraving due to the quality and intensity of the finished work. There are endless possibilities for engraving on an action.