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25th April 2019

Mark Winser wins his 2nd major title of the season
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15th April 2019
Essex Gun Masters 2019

Congratulations to Mark Winser on winning the shoot for the 3rd time.
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10th April 2019
New Krieghoff Hoodies

See the latest Krieghoff Hoodie available now
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25th March 2019
Coley's Open Day

Head down to Ian Coley Sporting for their Open Day, April 6th 2019
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8th March 2019
Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2019

A stunning work of art, featuring Abraham Lincoln, which is the Gun of the Year 2019.
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25th February 2019
Tucson Grand Spring Handicap

Paul Chaplow wins in Tucson, USA
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24th January 2019
New Krieghoff Baseball Caps

Available now from the Alan Rhone Store Website
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14th December 2018
Christmas Opening Times 2018

Closed from 21st December to 7th Jan
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11th December 2018
New Krieghoff Waterproof Jacket

Available from the Alan Rhone Store website
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3rd December 2018
New Krieghoff "K" Beanie

New product from the Alan Rhone Store website
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26th November 2018
New Krieghoff Dealer

Welcome to the Team, Northallerton Shooting and Counrywear
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22nd October 2018
Results in October

Results the Suffolk County Double Rise and the Malaga Skeet Grand Prix
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15th October 2018
National Intercounties DTL

Results from the National Intercounties DTL at Nottingham & District G.C.
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1st October 2018
Late September Results

We have some fantastic results coming in at the end of the month
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5th September 2018
Ian Coley Sporting Open Day

Come and see us and try a K-80 at the Open Day on 8th September
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20th August 2018
Krieghoff Sporting Masters

The podium winners from the 2018 Krieghoff Sporting Masters
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20th August 2018
English Open DR

Results from Bywell SG at the English Open Double Rise.
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6th August 2018
Weekend Results

Some fantastic results from various shoots from across the country.
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30th July 2018
Success at the Game Fair

Congratulations to Guy Franklin at this year's Gamr Fair.
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23rd July 2018
Home Int., British & Euro DTL

Congratulations Darren Bell on winning the European DTL Championship.
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19th July 2018
British Open and European DTL

Krieghoff sponsoring the events with additional prize funds.
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1st July 2018
World Sporting 2018

The World Sporting at E.J. Churchills and some excellecnt results.
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18th June 2018
English Open and Dougall DTL

Some excellent results from the English Open & Dougall DTL
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29th May 2018
Krieghoff DTL 2018 Results

Paddy Peters is the New Krieghoff DTL Champion.
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14th May 2018
English Sporting Open 2018

Some very good results from the English Open Sporting over the weekend.
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17th April 2018
Ian Coley Sporting Open Day

Come and see us at the Ian Coley Sporting Open Day.
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16th April 2018
Essex Masters Results

See the results from the 2018 Essex Masters here.
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19th March 2018
Fauxdegla Winter Series

Curtis Woolley won High Gun at the 2018 Fauxdegla Winter Series
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12th March 2018
Krieghoff Gun of the Year

See the Krieghoff Gun of the Year, exhibited at the IWA Show in Germany
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15th February 2018
Krieghoff DTL Entries Hit 500

We have reached a milestone of 500 Entries for the Krieghoff DTL Main Event
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24th January 2018
Krieghoff DTL Entries So Far

Since Opening the entries we have been inundated with 100's of entries
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2nd January 2018
Krieghoff in 2018

Our Events Planned for 2018
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20th December 2017
Christmas Opening Times

Find out when we're closed and re-opening in 2018
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29th November 2017
K-80 Trap Review

Read Vic Harker's K-80 Trap Article from Clay Shooter
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6th November 2017
Northumberland Championships

Ian Mullarkey wins the triple at Bywell Shooting Ground
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2nd October 2017
DTL Grand Masters

Paul Chaplow wins the DTL Grand Masters at Fauxdegla.
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29th September 2017

Briley Choke Tubes for K-80 Parcours are now £67.50 available now.
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4th September 2017
British Sporting Open 2017

Some great results from the British Sporting and Sportrap Open Championships.
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4th September 2017
Scottish Single Barrel Open

Stacy Gennard wins the Scottish Single Barrel Championships 2017
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21st August 2017
Krieghoff Sporting Masters 2017

Round up of the Sporting Masters event at Westfield Shooting Ground.
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13th August 2017
The World ABT Championships

Some excellent news from Fauxdegla Shooting Ground.
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9th August 2017
Trap Shooting Hall of Fame

A fantastic announce about Betty and Dieter Krieghoff.
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25th July 2017
European DTL 2017

Successes at the European DTL 2017. See some of the results.
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24th July 2017
British Open/Home International

See some of the awards won at the National Shooting Centre, Scotland.
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10th July 2017
World FITASC Sporting 2017

Some great results for the World FITASC in Hungary.
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19th June 2017
British Open All Round

Ian Mullarkey wins the British Open All Round Championships.
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12th June 2017
European FITASC 2017

Martin Myers finishes Runner-Up in this year's European FITASC
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12th June 2017
Sponsored, Dougall & English DTL

News from Bywell Shooting Ground from a wet and wild weekend of shooting
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28th May 2017
Krieghoff DTL 2017 Champion

Congratulations to Paul Chaplow on winning this year's Krieghoff DTL
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8th May 2017
English & British Double Rise

Held at Nottingham & District Shooting Ground on 6 & 7th May.
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3rd April 2017
Shooting Success in April

Some early April success stories from a couple of competitions
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30th March 2017
Essex Masters Coming Up

The Essex Masters, sponsored by Krieghoff is approaching fast.
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9th March 2017
New Venue for the Shooting Show

2018 will see the British Shooting Show in a new location for it's 10th Anniversary.
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14th February 2017
British Shooting Show 2017

Highlights from this years fantastic show at Stoneleigh.
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25th January 2017
Krieghoff DTL Entries Open

The entries open on February 1st. Online booking or entry form booking available.
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25th January 2017
Krieghoff DTL Entries Open

The entries open on February 1st. Online booking or entry form booking available.
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20th January 2017
New K-80 Trap Gun

See the new Krieghoff K-80 Trap gun at the British Shooting Show 2017
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16th January 2017
Teague Extended Chokes

Now available, Teague Precision Extended Chokes for K-80 Parcours
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14th December 2016
Christmas Opening Times

See when we are closed over the 2016 Christmas break.
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1st December 2016
Krieghoff Events in 2017

A busy year planned ahead of us next year. Take a look what Krieghoff will be up to in 2017.
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30th November 2016
Success Stories

See Krieghoff Shooter, Andrew Parson's, success story from this season.
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19th October 2016
New Engraving Pattern

See pictures from the latest engraving pattern release by Krieghoff.
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3rd October 2016
Early Success in October

Some great results already in October from a couple of competitions around the country
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19th August 2016
Sporting Masters This Weekend

The Krieghoff Sporting Masters Starts this weekend at Westfields Shooting Ground.
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15th August 2016
British Open Skeet & UK FITASC

The weekend success stories from Doveridge CTC and Penheim Shooting Ground.
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8th August 2016
English & British Single Barrel

Great results from Beverley CTC where the English and British Single Barrel Championships took place.
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27th July 2016
New Krieghoff Gun Slip

Find out more about the New Krieghoff Gun Slip available from Alan Rhone Store
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25th July 2016
World DTL 2016

Fantastic news from the World DTL Championships 2016
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20th July 2016
European DTL 2016

Some great results from the European DTL Championships 2016
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18th July 2016
British Open DTL & HCIT 2016

The results from the British Open DTL and the Home International 2016
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8th July 2016
K-80 Sport T-Shirts

A New Line of Krieghoff K-80 Sport T-Shirts are available in Short and Long Sleeved designs.
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3rd July 2016
Welsh Open DTL 2016

Paul Chaplow wins the Welsh Open DTL 2016 with another 100/300.
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29th June 2016
New Premium Canvas Gun Slip

An Excellent addition to the Krieghoff Products range. New for June 2016.
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27th June 2016
News from the Scottish DTL

See the list of winners at Gelnmoriston Shooting Ground
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19th June 2016
Myers Wins the Clay Shooting Classic

Martin was on top form at the 2016 Clay Shooting Classic.
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18th June 2016
Scottish Olympic Skeet Grand Prix

Drew Christie wins the Scottish Olympic Skeet Grand Prix
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10th June 2016
New Date for the Roadshow

Open Day at Sporting Targets on July 2nd has been confirmed.
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5th June 2016
European FITASC Championships

Winser takes Runner-Up spot at the Euro FITASC in France.
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29th May 2016
DTL Event 3, Day 2 Results

An outstanding finish to this year's competition. An excellent shoot-off to end on a high.
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28th May 2016
DTL Event 3, Day 1 Results

Results for Event 3, Day 1 of Krieghoff DTL 2016
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27th May 2016
Krieghoff DTL Event 2 Results

The Lucky Numbers Event 2 Results of the Krieghoff DTL 2016
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26th May 2016
The Krieghoff DTL Event 1 Results

Record entries and 6 perfect score shot on Day 1 of the Krieghoff DTL 2016
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25th May 2016
The Krieghoff DTL Starts Tomorrow

The 18th Annual Krieghoff DTL begins tomorrow with Event 1.
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19th April 2016
Husthwaite 5-Stand Champ Again

Ben makes it 2 out of 2 in the US on the 2nd PCSA Tour
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18th April 2016
Coley's Open Day

Krieghoff Open Day at Coley's Shooting Ground - 23rd April 2016
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11th April 2016
Essex Masters 2016

Congratulations to all of the winners at the Essex Masters 2016.
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4th April 2016
Chaplow Wins the DTL Grand Prix

Some impressive scores handed in at the DTL Grand Prix.
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21st March 2016
Husthwaite 100x100 in the US

Ben puts in a fantastic score in FITASC.
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19th March 2016
Chaplow Hits another Milestone

Paul has reached a new milestone in DTL at Beverley CTC
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24th February 2016
Mullarkey Wins in the US

Excellent News from across the pond from Ian Mullarkey.
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15th February 2016
Krieghoff at the BSS 2016

Highlights from the British Shooting Show 2016 at Stoneleigh Park.
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5th February 2016
Krieghoff Canadian Double Video

Watch this incredible video. Hunting in Canada with a Classic "Big Five" Rifle.
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1st February 2016
Krieghoff DTL 2016

Entries are now Open for the 2016 Krieghoff DTL. Book Your Space Now
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28th January 2016
British Shooting Show 2016

The BSS 2016 is 12th-14th February. We will be there on the Krieghoff Stand.
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25th January 2016
Great Start to 2016

Dave Hinchliffe hits two perfect 100/300's on the same day.
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