Krieghoff DTL Championship

Krieghoff DTL | Friday Lucky Numbers

The Krieghoff Lucky Numbers held on the Friday following the standard 100 DTL competition is now a main part of the shoot and something for everyone to look forward to.

The additional side event is sponsored by Krieghoff with £3,000 cash with a possible £1,000 for the winner of the super final. The basis of the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers is as followed:

1. After the last score card is handed into the club house for the standard 100 DTL shoot, we then draw 2 number from 0-9 at random.

2. If your score from the 100 DTL ends in one of the 2 Lucky Numbers drawn, then you go into the Class Shoot Off.
Example - If the two Lucky Numbers draw are numbers 3 and 7. Everyone who's score ends with a 3 or a 7 qualifies. i.e. a score of 293 would qualify as well as a score of 137...

3. Everyone who has a qualifing score are grouped into their Classes to shoot off until a Class Winner is confirmed. Each Class will be notified on the day which Trap to shoot-off on. There is a shoot off to determine a Class Winner for AA, A, B and C.

4. Once all of the 4 Class Winners are confirmed, we then then draw a Wild Card from the Entire Shoot. Usually draw as a raffle system using your Squad Number, then your starting Peg Number. The Wild Card makes up the 5th member of the Super Final.

5. All 5 Members of the Super Final: Class Winners in AA, A, B and C plus the Wild Card, shoot off until 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th have been decided. Well worth sticking around for because even 5th Place takes home a £200.00.

Final Position

Prize Fund

1st £1,000
2nd £800
3rd £600
4th £400
5th £200
Krieghoff DTL Entry Form

Krieghoff Lucky Numbers since 2008

The competition was introduced on the 10th Annual DTL in 2008 and has proved a very popular addition to the shoot. We see the winner is not always the AA Class shooter, as when there's a bit of pressure of a prize fund, who knows what may happen. Best of Luck to Everyone involved.