Krieghoff 500 Championship

Friday Lucky Numbers

New for 2023! We have introduced the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers Shoot-Off to the Krieghoff 500.

The Krieghoff Lucky Numbers is a new addition to the 2023 Krieghoff 500 schedule. The Lucky Numbers will be held on the Friday following the standard 100 Single Barrel competition and something for everyone to look forward to.

The additional event is sponsored by Krieghoff with £3,000 cash, with an incredible £1,000 for the winner of the Super Final.
1st: £1,000 / 2nd: £800 / 3rd: £600 / 4th: £400 / 5th: £200

How Do You Get into the Super Final?

1. After the last score card is handed into the club house for the regular 100 Single Barrel competition, we will then divide the final scores into 4 Lewis Classes. We will announce the cut-off scores for each Lewis Class,
so an Example of Lewis Class Divides might be:
- Lewis Class 1 - Contains All Scores of 100 to 89
- Lewis Class 2 - Contains All Scores of 88 to 74
- Lewis Class 3 - Contains All Scores of 73 to 66
- Lewis Class 4 - Contains All Scores of 65 to 0

(These are example figures and will not be the actual Lewis Class divides on the day)

We will also announce which Lewis Class will shoot-off on which Trap.
For Example: Lewis Class 1 will shoot-off on Trap E, etc.

So now everyone knows what Lewis Class they're in and what Trap you'll be shooting-off on...

2. We then draw 2 numbers from 0-9 at random.
If your score from the 100 Single Barrel competition ends in either one of the 2 Lucky Numbers drawn, then you go into your Lewis Class Shoot-offKrieghoff 500 Championship.

Example - If the two Lucky Numbers draw are numbers 3 and 7. Everyone who's score ends with a 3 or a 7 qualifies.
i.e. a score of 93 would mean you have qualified for the Shoot-off and you're in the Lewis Class 1 Shoot-off on Trap E.
and a score of 67 would mean you have also qualified for the Shoot-off and you're in the Lewis Class 3 Shoot-off on Trap G.

3. Everyone who has a qualifying score will be grouped into their Lewis Classes to shoot-off, you head to your designated Trap, and shoot-off until a final winner is confirmed. There will be four separate shoot-offs to determine a Lewis Class Winner for Lewis Class 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Lewis Class Shoot-off will be using 10 Targets per Line.

4. Once all of the 4 Lewis Class Winners are confirmed, we then then draw a Wild Card from the Entire Shoot. Usually draw as a raffle system using your Squad Number, then your starting Peg Number. The Wild Card makes up the 5th member of the Super Final. If you are not in attendance for the Wild Card draw or have already qualified for the Super Final, the draw will repeat until we have a qualifying 5th member.

5. All 5 Members of the Super Final: Lewis Class Winners in 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus the Wild Card making the 5th member, shoot off until 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th have been decided. The Super Final Shoot-off will be using 25 Targets per Line.
Well worth sticking around for because you're guaranteed prize money, even 5th Place takes home a £200.00.

If you are unclear about anything on the day, there will be plenty of staff members to ask. If you have a score ending in one of the Lucky Numbers, you can find out which Lewis Class Shoot-off you are in and which Trap to proceed to.


New for 2023

This is the first year at Bywell Shooting Ground and the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers.