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The Krieghoff CLASSIC is a double rifle that combines the heritage of the traditional side-by-side and the sophistication of the most modern design and manufacturing technology. The CLASSIC is available in the most common and suitable calibers.
Krieghoff's master gunmakers combined both traditional wisdom and innovative ideas to build a rifle that provides the ultimate in safety and reliability and a wide range of features that insure smooth, quick, and accurate shooting.
The Classic is now available with the optional extra of ejectors - find out more

In addition to the superb handling of the rifle, a most important feature is the manual cocking device, which is located on the top tang, in the position usually occupied by a conventional safety. It allows carrying the CLASSIC fully loaded with the hammers uncocked - the safest position since there is no chance of an accidental discharge.
Craig Boddington, an accomplished hunter and knowledgeable writer remarks: "After using it in the field, I am increasingly impressed with your cocking device versus a traditional safety. Great rifle, and of course it performed wonderfully."

An important design feature of all CLASSIC Standards up to and including caliber .375 H&H or Flanged Mag. NE, is an adjustable and removable wedge at the muzzle with integrated front sight which allows for re-regulation of the barrels without re-soldering and re-bluing. This feature allows to fine tune the accuracy of the rifle at longer ranges and is a very helpful tool when ammunition is being changed or a scope is being installed which in both cases may require to re-regulate the barrels.

Krieghoff Rifles


7x57R, 7x65R, .308 Win., .30-06, .30R Blaser, 8x57IRS, 8x75RS, 9x3x74R
Length 23.5" (60cm). Express style quarter rib. On request, optional shorter barrel length (21.5"; 55cm) available in certain calibers.
Note the possibility for extra, interchangeable barrels.
Standard is a rectangular U-shaped rear sight with a rectangular front sight for precision aim. Other, optional sights are available on request.

Regulated at the factory with commercially available ammunition over open sights at 88 yds (80m), or through scope if available at 100 yds (100m).
Factory target provided with data about the ammunition used for regulating.

Boxlock steel action with reinforced sidewalls for extra strength allowing to add extra, interchangeable barrels up to the largest calibers such as .500 N.E.
Manual cocking device with combi-cocking feature.
Standard engraving on US models is "Small Arabesques".
Optional sideplates and optional engravings available.
Standard finish is satin gray nickel-plating.

Double triggers featuring Krieghoff's universal-trigger-system. An optional single trigger is available for standard calibers (not available in "big five" calibers).

Stock and Forearm  
Classic Standard butt stock and Schnabel style forearm are made from fine European walnut, have hand-cut checkering and are oil finished.. Stocks feature a "Monte-Carlo" style conventional, rounded cheekpiece, or can also be ordered with a traditional Bavarian cheekpiece. Optional left-handed stocks are available.
Length of Pull is 14 1/2" (37cm) including the standard half inch "Old English" style decelerator recoil pad. An optional BreaKO recoil reducer can be installed in the butt stock to reduce recoil (weighs 14 oz).

Approx. 7 1/4 - 8 1/4 lbs. (3.3 - 3.7 kg) depending on the caliber.
Krieghoff delivers all Classic rifles in a soft canvas break-down case.
An optional fitted Krieghoff aluminum hardcase by Americase is available.

Manual Cocking System

Find out more about the cocking system of the Classic. See the different position of the mechanism and how the internal workings of the action.

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Krieghoff Rifle Cocking

Standard Features

  • Short opening angle for fast, easy loading 
  • Quiet, efficient shell extractors 
  • Slim, compact action with reinforced sidewalls for extra strength 
  • Sliding, self-adjusting wedge for secure bolting 
  • Broad, massive underlugs to withstand wear 
  • Purdey style extension between the barrels and the face of the standing breech to withstand lateral bending forces. 
  • Virtually horizontal firing pin placement for fast lock-time 
  • Rectangular rear sight with rectangular front sight 
  • Classic Standard stock and Schnabel style forearm 
Krieghoff Classic Barrels

Optional Features

  • Now available in Ejector or Non-Ejector models.  
  • Additional, interchangeable rifle barrels in standard or big bore calibers, or even a 20 gauge shotgun barrel for occasional bird shooting. Later installation of barrels is possible, although, the rifle has to be re-proofed if a larger caliber rifle barrel is being added than the caliber of the original gun. 
  • Optional sideplates and engravings using Krieghoff patterns or your own. 
  • Folding express sights. Krieghoff See-Through sight 
  • Wood upgrades, left-handed stocks 
  • BreaKO recoil reducer installed in buttstock 
  • Pistol grip caps engraved with game scenes or your initials 
  • Gold shield with your initials inletted in stock 
  • Custom fitted hardcases by Americase 
Krieghoff Rifles Options

Engraving Examples:

(Note: These are examples of the style of pattern on various Krieghoff Hunting Rifles)

Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving Small Arabesques
Krieghoff Engraving Safari Scroll 1
Krieghoff Engraving Small Game with Oak Leaf
Krieghoff Engraving Big Game
Krieghoff Engraving Small Game with Oak Leaf
Krieghoff Engraving French Arabesques
Krieghoff Engraving Large Game with Leaves
Krieghoff Engraving Large Game with Oak Leaf
Krieghoff Engraving Full Oak Leaves
Krieghoff Engraving Fine English with Roses
Krieghoff Engraving Side Plate English Scroll

Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving
Krieghoff Engraving

Krieghoff Hunting Rifles

Krieghoff produce some of the most reliable rifles in the world. The configuration options allow you to get exactly what you want from your rifle.