Home International DTL Championships

The Home International DTL Championships took place at Bywell Shooting Ground on the 18th July.

We saw a lot of Krieghoff shooters winning overall and individual country awards, so well done to all of you. The top of the board and Overall High Gun was Joshua Shortt from Ireland, who shot an impressive 100/298 considering the conditions, to take the title. Excellent shooting.

We also saw many more highlights such as Emma Holden and Carole McGovern win Overall Ladies High Gun and Runner-Up respectively. With Jack Ruane securing Overall Junior Runner-Up. In the Veterans, Matt Sheedy was Overall High Gun and in the Super Veterans, Mike Milne and Time Howells were Overall High Gun and Runner-Up. Some great scores and well done to you all.

Congratulations to all of those winning their individual country awards too.

Joshua Shortt - Home International DTL High Gun

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