Video | Fitting the Krieghoff Stock Weights

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How to install the Krieghoff Stock Weight System. This involves removing the pad, removing the existing stock bolt, fitting the new longer stock bolt with weights, then fitting the pad back on. Very Simple!

The Krieghoff Stock Weight System has been introduced to help fine tune your balance of your K-80. Each weight is 30g and with a maximum of 5 weights possible, that's 150g. Plus the longer stock bolt is 40g heavier than standard version, so you can theoretically add 190g to the back end of the gun.

We use the Krieghoff Stock Wrench - 5mm Allex/Hex Wrench. Plus a 2.5mm Allen/Hex to fit the weights to the new Stock Bolt. The 2.5mm wrench is the same as the adjustable comb wrench for Krieghoff. When tightening the new stock bolt back on, it's important to not exceed 8 turns of the screw as the screw can protrude into the mechanism and foul the internal workings of the gun. We suggest contacting us if yours is more than 8 turns as this may have to be shortened by removing some of the threads off the end. Contact us at if any advice is needed.

The Krieghoff Stock Weight System can be found on our Online Store here:
Alan Rhone Store - Krieghoff Stock Weight System

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