Video | Removing & Replacing the Ejectors

We get asked how to do this very often, so here is a short video showing you how to take the ejectors out and put them back in.

Taking your barrels, give the ejectors a firm tap to free them away from the spring and ball pressure. We use the handle of the Krieghoff Stock Wrench to do this as it's something most people will have handy, and we use it again a bit later on. It's a good idea to flip the barrels over so the ball isn't sprung across the room or into the grass and lost. Set this to one side.

The small spring can be removed with a bent over paper clip. In the workshop we tend to use a 0.9mm pin punch. Set this to one side also.

Clean the parts if necessary and clean the ejector channel to free it from dirt and grit. We suggest a light oil lubricant on the ejectors, don't use a cleaning oil for this. Then start putting the parts back in.

Use the paperclip again to insert the spring back in place. Use a small drop of grease on top of the spring to lubricate the ball bearing.

Place the ball back on top of the spring and before you insert the ejector, press the ball down into the spring recess, then slide the ejector over the top, back in place. Done!

The ejectors can only fit in one way so it's hard to mix them up and fit them wrong.

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