Video | The Release Trigger

The Release Trigger can be daunting to dismount and open the gun once the trigger has been set. But we go through the procedure of what to do.

The Release Trigger is a modification made to the trigger mechanism which differs from the traditional mechanism where you would simply pull the trigger to make it fire. The Release Trigger works by first setting the trigger with the pull, then held until you have called for your target and it only fires once the trigger is released. A simple theory, but you do need a fair bit of practise to get used to it. Plus you will definitely need to know how to dismount and open the gun with releasing the trigger and firing off the gun.

We take you through a step-by-step guide on how to do this:
Your Trigger is set and you've called for the target. A "No Bird" is called:
- Keep a firm hold of your trigger
- Move the gun from your shoulder so the butt is at your hip
- Clamp the stock between your arm and your hip to gain control
- This frees up your off-hand - Use your off
-hand to reach across to open the top lever and open the gun
- Once the gun drops open, it's completely safe and you can release the trigger

On guns with a stiffer opening, you can use your off-hand to aid the opening of the gun.

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