Video | Using the Correct Tools

It’s important to use the correct tools with your Krieghoff K-80. Using the wrong sizes can damage the screws for future use.
In this video we cover all of the adjustment screws and what wrench or tools they use.

Starting at the front of the gun, working backwards to the stock and everything in between. There are some adjustments inside the Krieghoff K-80 mechanism which we do not suggest touching as these can cause problems with the gun and can even be a safety issue.

Correct tool and size in order in the video:

Choke Tubes (Floating Barrels) – Factory Flat Wrench or Briley Speed Wrench

Choke Tubes (Parcours) – Thinwall Choke Wrenches
Krieghoff Thinwall Chokes – Krieghoff Thinwall Choke Wrench
Teague Precision Chokes – Teague Precision Choke Wrench
Briley Thinwall Chokes – Briley Thinwall Speed Wrench

Front Hanger – 1.5mm Pin, 1.4mm Pin Punch, 0.9mm Pin Punch

Front Sight – 0.4mm Flat Blade Driver (2.5mm Thread)

Mid Sight – Pin Vise (2.5mm Thread)

Height Adjustment Wheel – 1.5mm Hex/Allen Wrench

Middle Hanger – 0.5mm Flat Blade Driver

Forearm Iron Screws – Torx 20 Driver

Barrel Selector – 1.27mm / 1.3mm Hex Allen Wrench

Trigger Blade Adjustment – 1.27mm / 1.3mm Hex Allen Wrench

Trigger Guard Screw – 0.5mm Flat Blade Driver, 7mm Wide

Safety Catch Locking – 2mm Hex/Allen Wrench

Adjustable Comb – 2.5mm Hex/Allen Wrench

Stock Bolt – 5mm Extended Hex/Allen Wrench

Recoil Pad Screws – Pozi 2 Driver

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