FAQ's | What is the age of my K-80

Is it very difficult to work out the age of a Krieghoff K-80 or K-20 from the serial number alone. As the serial number of the action is assigned to it when the action is being produced and assigned on completition, the serials numbers can be months or even years apart. For example, you may have two actions only one number apart (114161 and 114162), but one may take 2 weeks to engrave, where as the other may take 6 months. So in this instance there are 6 months difference between them. We tend to use the "First Imported" date to gauge the age of the K-80, as this is when it first arrives in the country from the Krieghoff factory as new.

The 10 Year warranty starts from when the gun is first sold and registered, not when it was first imported.

For UK & Ireland guns only, we keep detailed records of all Krieghoff's sold and any work carried out on them. If you would like to find out when your Krieghoff was first imported, sold and any service history, you can call us on UK & Ireland +44 (0) 1978 66 00 01 or email sales@alanrhone.com
If you are in Europe, please contact Krieghoff, Germany. If you are in the US, please contact Krieghoff, International in the US.

Where do I find my Serial Numbers? 

Krieghoff FAQ Serial Numbers

The Action serial number is found on the left side, underneath where the barrel wing contacts the action. The Barrels serial number is found underneath the right side barrel wing. As illustrated above.

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