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Krieghoff FAQ Canting

Canting is when the mounted gun does not sit vertically in the shoulder so that the barrel stack leans to either left or right. To most of us, the sight picture looks just fine and it takes an observer to point out that we are canting the gun.
You need to Feel Comfortable
The reason goes back to the initial bad habit of the shooter. Typically the shooter has become used to the position of the pad in his shoulder and what he sees along the rib - and so he just screws the guns in until it feels "comfy" and looks familiar.
Barrels Vertical
To eliminate canting the shooter has to learn to mount the gun keeping the barrels vertical and he will need to work with a coach to achieve this. Fitting a pad adjuster and changing the pitch are helpful in achieving a more comfortable gun mount but alone they will not eliminate what is simply a bad habit.

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