FAQ's | Can I Replace my Firing Pins?

Firing pin replacement.
Owner replacement of a firing pin is not possible on the K-80, K-20 or Model 32. The firing pins are fitted into a firing pin block that protrudes through the breech face. Changing the pins involves removing this block and major disassembly is required to do so. The top latch and top lever return spring have to be removed and this is not easy unless you know exactly how to do it.
K-80 firing pins almost never break. I say almost only because I think someone in the factory saw one once but I never have. The only reason that they normally require replacement is because the nose has been flame eroded by pierced primers. In this case the nose of the pin can get quite rough and this makes it more likely to pierce a primer. In severe cases the nose will become shorter and misfires will ensue. Normally it takes quite a time for this to happen and, as we automatically replace damaged pins during annual service, it is not a concern to most owners.
The exception is if the pins become so damaged between services that they are causing problems. In this case there is no alternative other than return the action body to us. The job will be done the day we receive it and will be returned same day.

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