FAQ's | Why do my Serial Numbers Differ?

The Krieghoff K-80 and K-20 has been developed to be a modular system. It consists of an Action, a Set of Barrels and a Stock & Forearm. All Actions and Barrel Sets are given a unique serial number when in production in the Krieghoff Factory. The Action's serial number consists of 6 digits, all numeric where as the Barrels serial number also consists of 6 digits, starting with letter A, followed by 5 numbers.

For faster build times, we keep an inventory of various barrel configurations and engraving patterns. So when you order a specific K-80 configuration you will not have to wait for the whole gun to be produced in the Krieghoff factory. Since any action can be fitted with any barrels upon ordering, the action and the barrels will of course be put together and the serial numbers will be at random, so they will never match.

Where do I find my Serial Numbers? 

Krieghoff FAQ Serial Numbers

The Action serial number is found on the left side, underneath where the barrel wing contacts the action. The Barrels serial number is found underneath the right side barrel wing. As illustrated above.

Older Krieghoff shotguns such as K-32's may have been build to specification in the Krieghoff factory, which will mean their action and barrels serial numbers may match.

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