FAQ's | How Often Do I Need to Service?

To keep your 10 year warranty you need to have the gun serviced a minimum of every two years or 25,000 rounds, whichever comes first. If you are a serious competitor then we recommend an annual service as this gives the gun a pre-season tune-up and ensures trouble free performance. At the same time we will check over all the details such as trigger pull weights and take care of any minor adjustments you may require.
Another factor influencing service frequency will be pierced primers. If you suspect or know that you have suffered from primer failure during the year then it is advisable to get the gun serviced. You can identify this problem by soot deposits around the firing pin holes in the breech face and/or cratered firing pin noses. When the primer fails the high pressure gas flows backwards, burning the nose of the firing pin and depositing carbon inside the action. In severe cases the carbon builds up around the firing pin causing it to stick in the block. If the firing pins become very eroded then misfires will result.
An annual service will take care of any potential problems.
You can book your gun in for Service.

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