FAQ's | How do i change my Trigger?

In this video we go through the steps to remove and refit the trigger on a K-80.

Using some straight forward tools, you can replace the trigger on a Krieghoff K-80 or K-20. We start by removing the stock with the 5mm Allen Stock Wrench (usually supplied with a Krieghoff). Once the stock is off, we can then remove the trigger guard screw and washer and rotate the guard 180ยบ. This allows the trigger itself to slide out and be replaced.
Use a 1.27mm Allen Wrench to slacken both screws on the trigger to allow removal.
Fit the new trigger in place and use the same 1.27mm Allen Wrench to tighten both screws up starting with the rear screw. The front screw locks the selector, so if you want to make this active again, slacken it by 1/2 a turn.
Reposition the trigger guard and refit the washer and the trigger guard screw. Take note to align the screw so the slot is parallel with the trigger guard.
Refit the stock back to the action and you're done.

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