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Krieghoff Rifles


Krieghoff Rifles

1 Twin Hammers
Twin hammers in a multi-barrel gun provide the speed and safety advantage of a quick second shot without re-cocking. They also make it possible to make an instantaneous choice between barrels, a choice which can be critical in some hunting situations. Two hammers give the hunter 'full use of the gun'. They increase the effectiveness of the gun and therefore the effectiveness of the hunter. The Ultra rifle/shotgun combination, for example, serves as a double rifle for driven hunts when a slug is used in the shotgun barrel. And since Krieghoff can regulate the shotgun barrel with slugs , maximum accuracy is assured. The installation of a Krieghoff insert barrel in the Ultra makes it into a true Bergstutzen, a lightweight mountain rifle with which you can shoot small and large bore rifle calibers in rapid sequence.By the same token, the Plus Drilling can be set up as a Bock Drilling, simply by fitting a rifle insert barrel into the left shotgun barrel, allowing the instant choice of shotgun, small bore rifle, or large bore rifle. And with the Classic with double triggers you can fire two shots in rapid succession or choose instantly softpoint or solid bullet. These are choices that may mean the difference between a successful hunt and a failure - or between life and death in the face of a charge. They are choices that make a hunting gun all the more useful, and they are available in the Plus, Ultra, and Classic because every one is equipped with twin hammers.

2 The Universal-Trigger-System
The optional Universal-Trigger-System was developed by Krieghoff to provide what many consider the finest triggers available in a modern combination gun. Heavy triggers in any gun can impair both speed and accuracy in getting off the shot, but the Krieghoff system provides crisp, clean trigger pulls reminiscent of your best sidelock.

3 Kickspanner - The Manual Cocking Decive - the ultimate safety
When you are ready to fire, you cock the gun with a single, smooth movement of the quiet, reliable cocking device, which is located on the top tang in the position usually occupied by a conventional safety.If an opportunity passes and you do not fire the gun, simply un-cock the hammers by pushing the Kickspanner all the way forward to disengage it and then sliding it to the rear, into the un-cocked safe position. Plus, Ultra, and Classic are then carried with the hammers uncocked - the safest position because there is no chance of an accidental discharge caused by a worn safety catch or by dropping a cocked gun. Other safety features include an automatic hammer safety that insures that the gun will not fire unless closed and an optional hair trigger release, which disengages the hair trigger automatically whenever the gun is uncocked.

4 The Combi-Cocking Device - the speed advantage of self-cocking
With most manual cocking devices, the gun must be recocked each time it is reloaded, which could cost critical seconds in some hunting situations. Krieghoff's combi-cocking device combines the safety advantages of manual cocking with the speed advantage of a self-cocking gun.When a gun equipped with the combi-cocking device is fired and the cocking device is left in the forward position, the gun cocks automatically when it is opened and reloaded. It is then ready to fire again. With the cocking device in its rear, safe position, the gun is uncocked and remains uncocked regardless of opening and closing.

Krieghoff Hunting Rifles

Krieghoff produce some of the most reliable rifles in the world. The configuration options allow you to get exactly what you want from your rifle.