Krieghoff DTL Championship

Krieghoff DTL Sponsors - Hull Cartridge

About the DTL300 Cartridge

  • Follow our champions and attain the perfect 100/300 with the subtle characteristics of this load.
  • Hull's exclusive powders produce lower levels of recoil minimising fatigue over prolonged competition
  • Muzzle flip is reduced for second barrel
  • Modest velocity combined with specialist wad produces uniform┬ádense tight patterns
  • Competition grade hardened shot
  • Also suitable for sporting disciplines

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Krieghoff DTL Service

We are very proud to have the excellent Hull Cartridge as Sponsors of the Krieghoff DTL once again.

They have been the proud co-sponsor of the Krieghoff DTL for a number of years and we're pleased to have them along for the last ever Krieghoff DTL.

With the winners taking home a cartridge prize and every entry receives a Hull Cartridge gift. Totalling and impressive 19,250 DTL300 Cartridges overall.

Visit the Hull Cartridge website to find out more information >>>

Krieghoff DTL Service

Hull Cartridge - Proud Sponsors

Excellent Sponsor Prize Fund and Entry Gift has been provided by a Leading Cartridge manufacturer. What else could you ask for? See the Prize Fund for the complete Hull Cartridge breakdown.