Video | Hunting West Africa's Savanna Buffalos

In the new Krieghoff movie we follow Henrik Lott through a buffalo hunting adventure and encounters with other Big Game in West Africa. We get rare insights in the environment of the West African Savanna Buffalo. Sustainable hunting is the reason for the healthy stocks of wildlife, and the existence of these still pristine wilderness area.

"Part of the primal hunting instincts that drive us out to hunt, besides the prey, is the search for something admirable: an extraordinary landscape, an exceptionally challenging adventure or the opportunity to experience special wildlife in its original habitat. Benin offers it all!“

"The West African savanna buffalo is a very interesting game species. Its coat color varys from light red to almost black, just as there are many different horn shapes. The large bushy ears help against heat and flies, and give the buffaloes an odd look.“ Epilogue: „But the lions are the kings of Konkombri, and they are here because their main prey, more than 1000 buffaloes, are in the hunting area. And that is why human hunters are here - why I am here. And we as hunters value and understand the importance of the lions roll as large predators in this area, and appreciate their presence while hunting buffalo in the Savanna of West Africa.

Since this area became a hunting block the numbers of wildlife have increased greatly. And as long as people like Jean-Luc and his team are hunting the area with adventure seeking hunters from all over the world, poaching will be minimized to a bearable level, and wildlife will flourish.“

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