Video | A Hunting Season in Germany

In the Krieghoff movie we follow Henrik Lott through an entire hunting season in Germany!

"The habitat of wild animals is where we hunters also find our spiritual home - here we feel one with nature – this is where we belong. I am Henrik Lott. Accompany me on a hunting season in Germany, where we show what hunting means to me and other hunters: It's about "being in the outdoors", it's about experiencing moments during the year that are reserved only for hunters, and it's about bringing home venison, the highest quality food that nature has to offer."

"Hunting for me means „Accepting the challenge!“, „Bearing the responsibility!“. Hunting fills my life, it's fulfilling, and part of my nature. We live in an industrial and agricultural dominated landscape with seasonally varying amounts of food and cover for our wildlife populations. But we have managed to establish some of Europe's most species-rich habitats, and at the same time high densities of healthy game populations that are largely in harmony with agriculture and forestry. Responsible and sustainable hunting is the reason.

Our passion for game and our deep knowledge of the natural processes form the basis of responsible and respectful hunting practices. We feel traditionally committed to these. Hunting is the most natural and sustainable form of land use, because it is an inseparable part of nature."

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