Video | Fitting the Krieghoff Barrel Weights

Fine tuning and weight distribution to the front of the gun. Krieghoff have the option of adding a 40g weight under the forearm to balance it how you like it. Up to 3 weights can be added, so 120g in total. We see in this video the simple process of adding the weight.

Using the 2mm Allen/Hex Wrench (provided), we tighten the weights on to the barrel, fitted between the two barrels underneath the forearm. The weight comes with a set of black screws (for floating barrels like on the K-80 Super Sport) and a set of nickel screws (for soldered barrels like on the K-80 Parcours).

The Krieghoff Barrel Weights are also available for the K-20 - 20 Bore Barrels. Please contact us for more information.

You can purchase the Barrel Weights from our online store here:
Krieghoff Barrel Weights on Alan Rhone Store

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