Video | Cleaning your Barrels and Choke Tubes

Keeping the Barrels and Choke Tubes clean is an important job. This should ideally be done after each session. We run through some key points and steps to help keep your K-80 in good working order.

We cover, cleaning the choke tubes. This involves removing them from the barrels, cleaning the choke threads and the inner threads of the barrels, greasing the chokes and refitting them back into the barrels.

We also go through steps for the most common and traditional method of cleaning the bores with a cleaning rod. Plus we give you a helpful tip to remove stubborn plastic or lead deposits left in the barrel with some rifle bore cleaning solvent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using any rifle bore cleaning solvent such as the one used in this video, make sure you clean away all signs of it before putting the gun back together. If this gets in contact with the action, forearm iron or trigger, it can damage the finish, as it's designed to remove nickel and copper.

We also show you where to grease your barrels before putting them back onto the action. These areas are exposed to friction and wear, so it's a good idea to keep everything lubricated.

We hope this video helps you keep your gun in good condition and if you have any questions, please contact us

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