Video | Parcours-X Barrels

We explore the differences between the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours and the Parcours-X Barrels. There are some subtle differences between the two options, with the main being the rib width and the weight of the barrels.

With the weight of the Parcours being approximately 1,365g and the Parcours-X being 1,515g, they have a heavier feel. In comparison, the floating barrels on a K-80 Super Sport weight 1,600g, which means the Parcours-X Barrels are a perfect bridge between the two very popular options. This additional weight is beneficial for clay targets as opposed to game shooting as the additional weight provides a steadier handling gun.

The rib width of the Parcours being 6mm and the Parcours-X being 8mm, you have a wider plane of focus, again, better suited to clay targets. Appearance-wise, they look very similar.

But the addition to the K-80 barrels gives another welcome option for Krieghoff shooters.

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