Video | Safety, Selector & Trigger Adjustment

In this video we run through three adjustments you can make to your Krieghoff K-80 or K-20. Locking the Safety, locking the selector position and positioning the trigger blade.

These adjustments can be made at home using straight forward methods and readily available tools. For the Safety Locking, you will need the 5mm Allen Stock Wrench to remove the stock from the Action. Then using a 2mm Allen/Hex Wrench, you can tighten or slacken the screw to lock the Safety.

For the Selector Locking, you will need a 1.3mm Allen/Hex Wrench to make this adjustment. There are two screws on the trigger blade. The Selector Adjustment uses the front of these two screws. Clockwise to lock it, Counter Clockwise to unlock it. The front screw normally sits further into the trigger blade than the rear screw, so this is normal.

The Trigger Blade Adjustment is made using the rear of the two screws. Use a Counter Clockwise turn to slacken the screw to be able to adjust the trigger position, but remember, you have to slacken the front Selector screw first, so both screws are slackened before making the Trigger Adjustment.

Never Over Tighten Any of the Screws!

The 5mm Stock Wrench (Available Here):

The 2mm Safety Wrench (Available Here):

The 1.3mm Selector & Trigger Wrench (Available Here):

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