Krieghoff Sporting Masters

Krieghoff Sporting Masters Booking


The Krieghoff Sporting Masters is set over two courses. The Red Course and the Blue Course. During the day, you will shoot both courses, consisting of 80 targets in each course, 160 targets in total. The Start Times are listed below with the corresponding Squad Number. You start on Stand 1 and work your way through the course until the finish. You remain in the same squad from the Morning Start Time to the Afternoon Start Time. 

For Example, if you book into Squad 8 for the shoot, you will start on the Red Course in the Morning Start Times at 09:56, then you will then go on to shoot the Blue Course in the Afternoon Start Times and will start at 13:16. Another example would be Squad 42, would start with the Blue Course in the Morning Start Times at 11:08, then they would shoot the Red Course in the Afternoon Start Times at 14:28.

Each Squad 1 to 50 has 6 spaces on it, making a total of 300 spaces each day of the event. Once we confirm a booking for the shoot, we will reserve the space. Booked spaces will be shown in Grey below.

There will be No Field Entries. To allow the shoot to run smoothly, we are not allowing field entries at the event on any of the two days. All entries must be pre-booked before the event.

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