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Ed Lyons is a Visual Performance Consultant based in Wolverhampton and is a partner in Flint and Partners Optometrists.
He has developed an innovative approach to assessing the visual profile of an athlete that has seen his clients win domestic, national, international and world titles, and him win the accolade of SportsVision Practice of The Year.
He regularly features in Clay Shooting magazine in addition to writing for Clay Shooting Success and
As a keen shooter himself and having assessed clients from all over the UK and Europe, to South Africa, Cyprus and Australia, he is uniquely experienced in all aspects of vision and shooting. A SportsVision Consultation will help you see and perform to your best!

What can he do for you?

Over the last few years, he has developed a method of assessing a shooter's eyesight which he has applied with great success both in the UK and abroad.
This is a customised, two hour eye examination which assesses the visual strengths and weaknesses which are relevant and specific to shooting.
In addition to ensuring the individual can see as clearly as possible, I assess visual skills such as High and Low Contrast Vision, Depth Perception, Tracking, Eye Muscle Efficiency, Eye Dominance and more.
You discuss the suitability of contact lenses, laser treatment and look at gun fit and how it affects the visual performance as well as the "pickup" effect of different coloured lenses on orange and black clays.
This has developed to a new level with bespoke tint assessments, where over 10000 wavelengths of light can be used to find the exact colour, or combination of colours, that enhance orange targets for the individual's visual system.
Vision Training Plans are also be devised if required.
The end result is a solution tailored to each individual to offer maximum visual sharpness and accuracy in the best possible eyewear.
If appropriate, this information is then passed on to the coaching team so that they can understand why the shooter sees the way they do, and any visual issues they may be experiencing.


Read the numerous Testimonials written by past customers, Ed Solomons, Elizebeth Cook and Dave Winter, all available on Ed Lyons' website.

"Whilst "20/20" vision may be satisfactory for everyday life, I will always strive to surpass this standard and give you the best sight you can possibly achieve."

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